Wednesday, September 26, 2018


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Everyone in our area hunts. Many people rely on catching deer to feed their family. I enjoyed reviewing the Quaker Boy White Buck Grunt call. It was easy to use and is freeze proof, patent pending and is a silent adjust. You can also change the tone of the grunt you use. Perfect for the hunting season get yours now! Take a few minutes to look around Quaker Boy 's site as they have many great calls and items! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


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Working from my kitchen table I have to watch it as snacks are available to me 24/7. If I need a snack I like to munch on something that is healthy. Clay and I are enjoying  reviewing the Naturally Nutty Pepita Sun seed butter packets. It is 10 to a box which are nice to pack in lunches. Made with ground pumpkin, sunflower, chia, flax and hemp. A enjoyable spread for your snacking delight1 I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

California Oranges #PRODUCTREVIEW

Image result for California oranges ranchMy husband and I are on a diet and people are asking me how are you two losing it? Simple I say, Eat less and eat foods the closest way God made them. A sweet piece of cake isn't the only thing that can satisfy a sweet tooth - Oranges! I love to cut a orange in half and enjoy the sweetness. Perfect for breakfast, a snack or even a meal. Why I love California oranges...they are delicious and can be delivered right to your door. I also love them for gift giving as who doesn't love fruit vs something you can sit around. For businesses they are great and will make your clients REMEMBER YOU! I loved doing this reviewing and tasting California oranges they peel super easy and have a wonderful flavor. I did receive our oranges for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

   Our cat jut had kittens two of them are tuxedo russian blue mix 

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Please! Don't let me be homeless! #AfricanViolets

Image result for  african violet set up    One of my problems with growing African violets is that I can't live in a jungle. I really want to. I want to take off my clothes darn on a leaf, grab my husband and live in planned garden of African Violets forever. Not practical and not fair to my cats and dog who are pretty young and romp around the house knocking over plants.  I also feel that my african violet set up in my kitchen is  tacky. I toyed with the idea of not having so many. (I had a friend tell me she had a 1000!) All said.. as I was pondering on all this. I thought ... the answer is simple.. Just build some beautiful graceful shelving and decorate them so they would look gorgeous in the house. If these are going to remain in my home I am going to have to make them look nice and breathtaking. So my quest has begun to "figure it out" Looking for gorgeous pots to put them in and nice ways to display each one like a treasure on a shelf or in the home. If I can't find a nice space than bless others with the gifts of flowers. :) You may be in the same boat. Before you jump out of the boat - Work on making it work for you otherwise if you are like me you will kiss them all goodbye only to find yourself EXACTLY where you are again... So if it is in your blood you will find a way.  I will have to give some away as I can't resist putting a fallen leaf in a bottle of water to grow a new plant, but I will also be able to keep my favorites and they will add beauty and grace to my home. Join in the hobby! Check out more on my ig @RuthieandClayPople

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Waiting to get my first flowers from Irish Lassie #AfricanViolets

It has been a very long winter for this flower grower. I only had one of my african violets bloom for me. There just wasn't enough light and I had started many "new exotic" leaves just before the grower cut off the cheaper price for shipping. In the winter it is very expensive to ship violets. I have purchased my violets from several sources. I had approx 15 new varieties I am adding this year and the funny thing is many remained a leaf all winter with not even any growth! Now that it is spring - boom many are going for it. I feel that one reason my violets did poor was I didn't feed them.  I also just didn't  have enough light. The good news I had lots of greenery and if you are like me and your house is dark about the only plant that will live for me faithfully is the african violet... despite the fact that I hardly watered them!I did this on purpose too! Most people kill these sweethearts with kindness! The above picture is of the Irish Lassie that I is starting to grow plus I cut off the original leaf and put it in water to take again and so my original purpose is paying me back big time. Check out my african violets by joining me on instragram @RuthieandClayPople

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Monday, January 1, 2018

My purple African Violet is blooming!

I have a huge collection of African violets - odd ones you won't be able to find locally as well as good old faithful ones that can be easily purchased locally.  Right now only one of my aAfrican violets is in bloom here is why..  no light, and I am not feeding them. One reason I decided to pretty much stick with only growing African violets (plus my wandering Jew and a palm) is because my house is very dark in the winter. I even have some under lights with no luck. My goal in the winter is to keep them ALIVE until Spring and summer when I put them outside or in bright windows where they are happy to bloom for me. One thing I do in the winter is hardly ever water them I wait until they are so dry I think they will die before I give them a HUGE drink and let them sit in water. Over watering will be the kiss of death to your violets they are a succulent and trust me.. they don't do well in the winter if you over water. I have too many african violets to water feed etc.. so I just let nature takes it's course and water when I get to it.  My violet that is blooming now was given to me by my sister along with a huge wandering Jew that did beautiful outside last year in the HOT FRONT SUNNY PORCH. I figure the violet is about a year old. I feel to be successful it is best to do some trial and error following things from the book may have worked for one person but not for you. I suggest taking the information that you hear (why do the homework all over again?) but if it isn't working you may need to try something different as all plants , environments , etc.. are a little different. Study how these plants have been grown in the wild as well as how developers have changed their growing habits to get the best results. :) African violets are a wonderful hobby and yes you can have beautiful flowers in the winter! It all depends on your situation.
  African violets are a great plant to cultivate for weddings favors or baby showers - Everyone can take their own home or the guest of honor and her attendants! 

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

#AFRICANVIOLETS - why you should tent them..

Image result for Tenting African violets   This year I started to "tent" my african violets. I noticed a dramatic difference in their growth this winter.

African violets are easy to grow .. here is my secret.. only water them from the bottom when they are BONE DRY and try to plant them in a SHALLOW planter. with that.. most of us haven't planted them in a shallow container or we don't have the space - so if I have a larger pot I put them in a big plastic bowl and fill it half full when I see the NEXT DAY that it is damp on the top I don't water it again until it is BONE DRY.

Okay.. on to what is called "tenting" I found the best method is to start a leaf in a soda bottle with only water .. plant it in a dixie cup and stick it in on the lid of a mayo jar (or mason jar) then put the jar on top (a upside jar) using it as a green house.. if I have a bigger class container all the better if none.. use a plastic bag..

this is great for starting plants..

now onto the bigger plants..  I just try not to over water them as that will definitely kill your african violets.. when the leaves wilt .. that is a good time to water your violets as they are succulents and wilting leaves mean feed me momma! I have tented a few.. I don't know if that has done much.. but I can try it again as to be honest I have so many violets I just haven't gotten into tenting the big ones for long. .. I did notice though that it is VERY DRY In my house with our electric heater going so I am actually struggling to keep them moist but once they are in a good tent.. I probably won't have to water them all winter.. so that is a project I will be working on. None of my violets are flowering.. but I have lots of babies and have not feed them any fertilizer but I just had 3 flowering about a month ago. Check out my violets on our you tube channel and feel free to chat with me on facebook or twitter with any questions you may have.

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